Relationship Counselling with a Specialist Qualified Therapist

Updated: Jan 28

  • Do you fight a lot on petty issues?

  • Do you feel it's you only who accommodates?

  • Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you?

  • Are you too stressed to be happy with your partner?

  • You are not happy with your sex life?

  • Not happy with the way your partner deals with children?

You’re having difficulties communicating your thoughts to one another, and you’re having trouble resolving one or more unresolvable conflicts.

Your encounters are marked by retreat, criticism, or disdain.

Your regular routine has been disrupted by a traumatic incident.

You’re having difficulties making decisions as a couple because you’ve been through adultery, addiction, or possible abuse.

You want to improve your relationship.

Working with a therapist is different to talking to a friend. We all need the support of friends from time to time.

However, sometimes talking to friends can make you feel more alone than ever.

You may find friends aren’t able to understand you or they offer advice that doesn’t seem relevant to your particular situation. Even if friends are able to offer you the comfort you need, it may still not be enough to get you out of the dilemma you face.

A professional therapist will be able to offer you a supportive ear, but through their specialist training, they will also help you take a look at your problems in a way that can help you overcome them.

Our aim is to bring awareness to some of the underlying reasons that may be causing your relationship difficulties.

We will work with you to understand your problems so that you can make different choices in the future that may ease some of the tension you face in intimate relationships.

Many people carry beliefs, either conscious or subconscious, that can often do you more harm than good.

These can be things like:

  • “I can’t maintain a relationship. There must be something wrong with me.”

  • “I’m not smart, attractive, slim, funny, good enough for someone to want me.”

  • “I don’t expect to ever have a happy relationship.”

  • “Love isn’t possible for someone like me.”

  • “All the good ones are already taken.”

  • “I want a relationship but I’m worried I’ll have to give up my freedom.”

  • “I’m never going to find anyone better, so I’m stuck.”

Working with a therapist can help you uncover connections to past situations that keep you stuck, that you haven’t previously been able to identify.

The Couple Consultancy offers online relationship counselling for couples and individuals with a qualified, specialist relationship therapist. Our approach is not to judge. We provide an open-minded and confidential service for you to say what’s on your mind.

We'll work with you to discover a better way of understanding yourself and your relationship to help you create the relationship you want.

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